Leasing / Ijarah Process

Not many individuals and businesses are fully aware of the advantages of funding acquisition of their assets by using leasing as an option. Don't let this happen to you. Try our leasing services, which are offered to finance your capital investment in Operating Assets, for achieving your business goals, in a tax-efficient manner.

PGL offers leasing finance on both a Shariah-Compliant (Ijarah) basis, as well as the Conventional Mode. Period of a Lease and the relative terms of repayment can be structured to match with your individual cash flows and affordability.

Kindly contact any of our following representatives, for a one-to-one meeting, to work out the details of your intended leasing transaction. We have ideas that you are likely to find most suitable for your requirement, including selection of the most appropriate asset and its supplier, besides advising a purpose-oriented and economical insurance cover for the assets proposed to be acquired by you:

Mr. Zahoor Ali ( Manager Marketing )
Mobile : 0332-2041488

Tel: (9221) 35820965-66, 35820301, 35824401
Fax: (9221) 35820302

Alternatively, and perhaps more conveniently, the application form, appropriate for any of the specific legal category e.g. individuals, proprietorship, partnership, limited liability company, or any other Association of Persons (AOP), that you fall under, can be downloaded from this site, filled in, and sent to us to enable us to initiate a dialogue. Precise details shall be finalized in a meeting either at your premises, or in our office, with prior appointment.

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Lease Application Forms

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